KSP Research is a sports engineering company that developments computer vision technologies applicable to analyzing motion of elite athletes.

KSP Research developed the technology inside the VLINK RACING COMPUTER and the technology used by numerous olympic ski teams.

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March 2015:
AvaTech selects KSP Research to do their optical, computer vision and embedded system design.

September 2014: Presentation "Reduced Corticospinal Inhibition Following Fatiguing Exercise in Professional Cyclists." presented at the American Society of Sports Medicine - Conference on Integrative Physiology of Exercise.

September 2014: Patent Three Dimensional Surface Mapping System Using Optical Flow issued.

June 2014: KSP Research selected to design athlete tracking system for 2015 Scandinavian Cup the final test event prior to the 2015 World XC Ski Championships.

May 2014: KSP Research selected as technology partner for Red Bull's Endurance Camp 2.0 at Red Bull's US Headquarters in Santa Monica California.

December 2013: Paper "Evaluating Ski Friction as a Function of Velocity Using Optical Flow and Hall Effect Sensors" presented at the International Congress on Science and Skiing in St. Christof, Austria.

October 2013: Patent Positioning System and Method Using Optically Tracked Anchor Points issued.

August 2013: Paper "Analysis of Topographic Maps for Recreational Purposes using Decision Trees" presented at the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition in Washington DC.

May 2012: KSP selected as technology partner for Red Bull's Project X with Lolo Jones. learn more about KSP Research's role in preparing Lolo Jones for the 2012 Summer Olympics

September 2011: Patent Structural Window in Composite Sandwich Beam issued.

April 2011: Patent Mounting and Suspension System for Sliding Non-contact Displacement and Speed Measurement issued.

January 2010: Partnership with Naviqa formed to pursue optical flow putter with TaylorMade Golf using KSP Research developed intellectual property.

January 2010: Paper Development of a real-time performance measurement and feedback system for alpine skiers published in Sports Technology.

July 2009: Advanced Racing Computers becomes an independent company to pursue the vLink Racing Computer.

July 2009: Patent Ski Speed Determination System issued.

May 2009: Patent Portable Swing Analyzer issued.

August 2008: US Ski Team trains with the vLinkô Racing Computer at New Zealand training camp

December 2007: Paper "Athletic Responses to using a real time optical navigation feedback system: paper" presented at the International Congress on Science and Skiing in St. Christof, Austria.

February 2007: US Ski Team chooses Advanced Racing Computers as official supplier

January 2007: Advanced Racing Computers, a division of Andrews Cooper Technology, introduces the vLink Racing Computer.

May 2006: Partnership formed with Andrews-Cooper Technologies to pursue KSP Research developed intellectual property.

September 2005: US Ski Team uses a prototype ski analyzer designed by KSP Research to train US Ski Team men during Pitztal, Austria training Camp.

May 2003: Ski Rossignol Awards KSP Research contract to develop instrumentation for measuring the glide properties of World-Cup downhill race skis.

May 2002: KSP Research receives seed funding form Hewlett-Parkard.

January 2002: KSP Research created to pursue sports related applications of Hewlett-Packard's computer vision technology.



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