A Sampling of Special Projects

The projects show on this page are custom work we've done on the vLink for special customers. These are not currently available to the general public. If you'd like us to do something similar for you, please contact use.

vLink for ski skating

Figure 1 shows a standard set of vLink shuttles mounted on a pair of skating skis. To allow the vLink to contact the snow correctly an adapter was designed (Figure 2) which adapts the vLink to the thicker cross section of skating skis.

Figure 3 shows the data from skating skis. This specially designed analysis software display data from the left ski and right ski independently.

We have begun experimenting with the skating version of the vLink both as a technique training tool as well as a wax testing tool.

Software for analyzing vLink data

Figure 4 is a screen shot of a beta version of vLink PC an analysis software application for vLink data. The graph on the left incorporates the vLink data including speed, slip, and edge angle. The data is synchronized with the video of the skier on the right.

Figure 5 is a screen shot of the processed vLink data for forward speed, slip and edge angle.




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