Developing software and hardware for measuring motion and converting it to real-time feedback to accelerate learning is what we do at KSP Research. While most of our work is for products that are marketed by our partner Advanced Racing Computers, we also do one of a kind solutions for specific customers. Our custom solutions are based on our intimate knowledge of the vLink racing computer's hardware and software and is leveraged from proven designs. The following is the sequence of events we use with our special customers that want something more from their vLink racing computer.

Needs Analysis

In this phase we clearly define your objectives in terms of the type of data you want to collect, the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements, what speeds you will function at, the frequency at which data will be collected, and how the results will be used (e.g. real-time feedback or delayed analysis, synched with video, synched with other systems, etc.). In addition to the detailed specification we also design the user interface, how you the customer, prefers to interact with the technology. The outcome of this process is a project proposal which defines the work to be accomplished, timelines, and costs.


In this phase we bring our technological expertise to bare on the project. New hardware, if required, is designed and PC boards are build. The software architecture is developed along with the user interface. The mechanical parts are designed in 3D CAD and prototyped with CNC or SLA parts.


In this phase we move the system from our lab into your environment, from our computers to yours. We are there every step of the way to ensure that the system provides the results you expect.


Once the project is rolled out, we are on call to answer questions, fix problems, or add additional functionality to make sure that you continue to be satisfied with the results of the project.

Tools and platforms


Pic and 8051 processors, 2.4 GHz transceivers, Avago optical navigation sensors, and inertial sensors

Software and firmware

8051 and Pic assembler, embedded C18, C++, Visual Basic, and LabView


PTC Solid Modeling


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