What Are People Saying?

Dane Spencer
US Ski Team - A Team

"By looking at the data, I can already see that there are things I can improve on. Because this tool reduces the subjectivity of technique and tactics, it has the potential to unify ski coaching and training throughout the U.S.”

Jesse Hunt
U.S. Ski Team Alpine Director

"The information we are gaining from the vLink™ is something we have been waiting on for years. The ability to measure ski speed, among other components, at a given point while skiing provides a window into the subtleties of our sport. This is truly revolutionary and will potentially provide us with knowledge to advance the teaching of our sport."

Per Lundstam
Per Lundstam
USSA Sports Science Department

“This technology has enormous potential to help make our athletes faster. We now have an analytical tool that tells us what is going on between splits. Plus, the instantaneous feedback promises to be a must for developmental racers and can help world-class athletes find their best line.”

Alan Schonberger
World Champion
Owner of the Ski Studio and coauthor of “Skiing and the Art of Carving”.
"The timing of the development and introduction of the vLink™ technology is exceptionally well aligned with the reawakening interest in carving. While it has been 10 years since we published "Skiing and the Art of Carving" it is only recently that the non-racer is starting to become interested in this exhilarating technique. The first thing my students (racers and non-racers alike) recognize when using the vLink is that they don’t carve as clean as they think they do. Initially this results in a certain level of disappointment, but the feedback quickly becomes their friend as they learn to use it to identify where they are having problems and then it becomes a game to adjust their technique to eliminate drift or steering. The vLink™ really forces one to think about what is happening between the skis edge and the snow and it gives me as an instructor another powerful arrow in my quiver of carving tools."

Andy Walshe
Andy Walshe
USSA Associate Athletic Director for High Performance

“For the first time, we have a tool that allows us to quantitatively measure skier displacement not only in a straight line, but also in a turn. Our goal is to use this new technology to help us improve our understanding of why some racers are faster than others and what tactics are more appropriate than others in various situations. In addition to being an analytical tool for research, it’s also a personal training tool that provides athletes with feedback on their technique. What you can measure you can improve and the more immediate the feedback the more useful the tool.”

“The U.S. Ski Team’s elite athlete program has a relationship to our country’s developmental racing programs in a way not unlike the relationship between formula one racing and the car industry. We use leading edge technologies, like the vLink™, with our elite athletes to fully explore and exploit its capabilities and then we incorporate the advances into the education programs that the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) propagates to the racing community across the country. In addition to helping coaches and racers nationwide achieve their own competitive goals, the accelerated development of young racers is a critical element in feeding our national team with fresh talent and is an important factor in our country’s success among the world’s racing elite.”

"Until now, racers’ performance feedback has come only from the course timing system, comments from coaches, and videos reviewed after leaving the slopes. Coaches have not always had an easy time convincing racers of technical issues in their skiing; the vLink™ training technology now gives coaches an objective source of credibility and advances the discussion beyond debate, to focus on how the racer can improve technique."


Andy Walshe
Scott Mathers
Alf Engen Ski School Training Director
PSIA Alpine Team Member 1988 - 2000 USSA Level 300 Coach

I learned more about my carving skills in three runs with the vLink™ than I have learned in the last three years. The opportunity to connect immediate objective feedback to the movements you are using and adjusting, and the sensations you are experiencing relative to carving, is priceless."


Andy Walshe
Justin Samuel
Rowmark Ski Academy

It is the most honest training tool I've ever used."


Andy Walshe
Josh Kamstra

It is like watching a video of yourself while you are skiing."


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